Whoo-hoo! I’m off to the Gathering!!

I thought about making the title all cap’s so you’d “hear” my excitement… but that would be rude don’t you think? πŸ˜‰ This is a big year for me. I’m the incoming East Central Regional Director for the ISGB and one of my necklaces is in the Metamorphosis Exhibit. Somebody pinch me… I’m finally getting where I want to be!

But even better… I get to spend almost an entire week with my bead buddies!! Lori has actually agreed to be my roomie again this year. And my husband Dave has worked out visiting a business contact in Minneapolis this week, so he’s going to be able to see what a Gathering is all about.. πŸ˜€

My camera is ready… the batteries are charged… my beads are packed….

…..I’ll see you later!!!


3 responses to “Whoo-hoo! I’m off to the Gathering!!

  1. Have fun guys….I’ll miss ya!

  2. Wow, to think I knew you when you were just plain old Nancy. Is there a specific title that I’ll need to use from now on when addressing you?

  3. I can’t believe you were in our neck of the woods – and You and Dave did not look us up – and you claim you want to be a Great Lake Fruitcake!!!!! Hope your show went great.

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