My first open house..

…was a great success! After putting in more hours preparing than I care to count, I was nervous about how my first jewelry open house would go. I shouldn’t have worried! My good friend Sue did a great job of inviting her friends and I barely had to do a thing after I set up the displays.

Nancy Sells Puffer Jewelry Open House

I think I’m going to have to see if anyone else would be willing to host a get together. It was nice to be able to set everything out and watch people react to my work. And they appreciated being able to purchase original pieces they could take home that night. A win ~ win situation for all of us!

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2 responses to “My first open house..

  1. Hi Nancy, This is quite a collection! Did you make all these pieces yourself? I’m glad your party was a success. Christmas time is a great time to have these types of parties.

  2. Thanks Lola! Yes, they’re all mine. 🙂 I’m glad you stopped by…

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