Taking the weekend off…

No beads for me this weekend! My husband Dave and I have been out getting used to our new (for us) sailboat. Our daughter’s gone with friends so we’ve been able to spend most of our weekend sailing. She’s a 1977 25ft. Catalina we’ve christened Cherus, which is the Hebrew word for freedom. We’re loving how strong and secure she feels. We haven’t had a boat for three years so it’s taking me awhile to get back into the groove. But the last couple days have really helped me get my sea legs back!

Sailing is my second passion. There’s nothing like catching a good wind and skimming across the water. We’re hoping to buy a larger boat at some point and live aboard it for a few years. I’ll have to get a lot of beads made up so I can make and sell jewelry at the different ports we’ll sail into… 😉


Tomorrow I’ll be back in the studio making beads so I can finally start putting pieces up on my website and Etsy store. But for now, it’s back out to Cherus with Dave for a couple more hours of sailing!


3 responses to “Taking the weekend off…

  1. What a good time you two had – and – you both look fantastic!!!

  2. well look at you! you look great Nancy, and I envy you! whats with the arm brace…hope it’s nothing serious…and enjoy! dang it looks like fun

  3. Thanks you two! I managed to fracture a bone in my hand Kaye… 😦 But the good news is that I don’t have a cast… at least not yet. AND I can still make beads… whew! Fly out this way and we’ll take you out. 😉

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