Seashell pendants…

I’m going to start adding pieces to Etsy and my website this week and the first thing I’m putting up is one of my seashell pendants. I’m always looking for new things to add to my jewelry and lately I’ve been incorporating the shells and stones I’ve found on vacations… I like to think I’ve created something a little unique! But we’ll see…

Next up will be a Stone Dot ring using a Lake Superior stone I picked up along the beach at my cousin’s home in the UP…


3 responses to “Seashell pendants…

  1. Hi Nancy,
    Your seashell pendant *is* unique.
    The texture and colour is beautiful – I imagine it would make a wonderful gift for someone who loves the sea.
    Tasha Chawner
    For You Designs

  2. Well, well – 2 posts in less than a month’s time. My god, woman, what’s come over you??????
    Hey, love the necklace. Very cool incorporation. Earthy.

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