St. James Court Art Show

I finally bit the bullet, summoned up my courage and applied to the St. James Court Art Show in Louisville, KY.  My buddy Paula talked me into applying ~ she’s done it for several years now and swears it’s the best show around. A couple weeks ago I found out it got in! How very cool! The only downside is that it’s the first weekend in October… the week before the West Michigan Bead Expo!! What have I done to myself?! :O

So I’m beginning to prepare now. I’m trying to get on the torch everyday with a certain goal each time… Think I can do it?! I sure hope so… I’ll keep you updated and share some of the things I’m making along the way. And if you happen to be in Louisville October 3,4 or 5, come and see me!


3 responses to “St. James Court Art Show

  1. Nancy…congrats on getting into the show! I love the bottle stopper…the colors are very fun!

  2. My chica – of course you got into the show. Your stuff is killer, babe.
    I’ll tell ya what – I’ll give you a break on the blogging stuff. You know how much I love coming here and I promise not to nag you if you need to slow down on blogging as long as you’re cranking your butt off in the torch shed. Ok? Deal?

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