Checking in…

It’s been a busy week at the Puffer house! And my blog has suffered… I’m in jewelry mode at the moment getting new pieces ready to wear to the ISGB Gathering in a couple weeks. A girl just can’t wear the same thing every year!

I’ve also been getting beads made to put into earrings and pendants. It sure is a juggling act trying to balance making beads, creating jewelry and still enjoying summer! I’ve got myself so worked up that my heart has decided to skip a beat every once in awhile so I’m in the process of figuring out what’s causing THAT! My doctor’s best guess is that it’s just stress. But until I get some answers, that’s taking up a fair portion of my brain… It’s always something, isn’t it! 😉

Be back soon with a couple more Gathering ensembles…


2 responses to “Checking in…

  1. Already then – skipping a beat, eh? Ms.Puffer, you seriously need to take at least 10 min. every damn day to do some deep breathing, meditation or chanting to calm yourself down.
    Actually you should probably be doing something along those lines 3 times a day.
    Listen to me, chica!

  2. Yes Mom… I’m trying! Really!!

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