Chic & Easy Beading Vol.3

Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3

I had a wonderful surprise waiting in my mailbox last week. Seems the black/white/silver Mobius Wave necklace that was in B&B a few years ago has been published again. This time it’s in Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3! And the really fun part is that it’s the first project in the book… AND it’s mentioned in the books introduction!!

I’m really tickled, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve come so far since that necklace. And for those of you that know me… it’s much more subdued than most of my work. So I think it’s time to summon up my courage and submit some new pieces. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have something new published! Keeping my fingers crossed… šŸ˜‰


2 responses to “Chic & Easy Beading Vol.3

  1. I love the book, any idea where to purchase the hourglass hematite beads featured in the bracelet sections?

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