Even though the St. James Court Art Show is 8 months away, it’s time to start preparing so I’m not as overwhelmed as I was last year. Fortunately, I found out in December that I’ve been invited back. So instead of working night and day all summer long, I have the opportunity to be all set by the time summer arrives. No heart palpitations this time!

The master plan is this: make beads two days a week, construct jewelry one. That doesn’t sound too bad, does it? I’m going to take pictures as I go so I can keep you posted on my progress.  Let’s see how I do!


2 responses to “Preparing…

  1. Well, first of all – WOW!!! You’ve posted twice to your blog in one month’s time. Yea, you!!!
    Secondly, your game plan sounds like a winner. I believe you’ll make many beauties and your stress level will be waaaaaaay low.

  2. Can you believe it?! I’m on a roll… 😉

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