Back from Bead & Button

Downtown Milwaukee

I’m back from another fun B&B weekend in Milwaukee, WI. The last couple of years, Dave has come with me and we’ve had the opportunity to not only hang out with all my bead making buddies but explore Milwaukee as well.
Self Portrait on Milwaukee River

This year, Dave found out about a 1 1/2 hour Margarita cruise on the Milwaukee River. It was a beautiful day on Friday so off we went! What fun!

Milwaukee River

I think Milwaukee is a big secret. I’ve lived across the lake from it almost all my life and never knew there were so many great things to see and do there.

Downtown at night

So if you have the chance to go to Bead & Button someday, make sure to take a couple extra days to explore the city. It’ll be worth it!! 😉

Moon over Milwaukee


2 responses to “Back from Bead & Button

  1. Nancy – I soooo wish I would have seen you at B&B. Red is my fav color and I just, luv, luv, luv that necklace. You’ll be a hit at the wedding!
    sandi /chgo
    jewelry creator

  2. Maybe next year! 😉 Thanks so much Sandi…

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