December 7, 2009 Must Have Monday!

Since we’re getting closer to Christmas, I thought I’d choose a Christmas-y-sh pendant for this week’s Must Have Monday. It’s a pretty red and white combo that will actually look good year round.

And since picking a number seems to bring out more of you than anything else I’ve come up with… I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 350 again. One number per person until tomorrow at 11 am EST. And if you’ve won in the last 4 weeks, let’s give someone else a chance.

All right, what number should I choose???


44 responses to “December 7, 2009 Must Have Monday!

  1. 17…days left before Christmas!

  2. 28…

    It’s a good number for me (it’s part of my online persona and shop name – time2cre8, and it’s my birthday.

    And… it’s what you get when you add 12 (December) + 7 (today’s date) + 09 (the year).

    So that must be it!

  3. 25…cause that is how many days are left in the year……

  4. Tracey hallsworth

    125 is my guess.

  5. I’m guessing 19.

  6. 277 just to pick a random number. Your give away is beautiful. What fun to plan something like this. Hope you are having a profitable holiday selling season.

  7. 127

  8. 36

  9. 229…..and happy xmas…..

  10. 325

  11. 18 because I wanted to guess 17, but it’s already been picked, so 18 is even better b/c in jewish tradition, 18 stands for life!

    Thanks, lisa

  12. 350 (what a set the oven temperature for marathon Christmas cookie baking)

  13. magic number is…….12 ??????

  14. Scott Woodard Tuttle

    Christmas eve is on the 24th. My guess is 24.

    Nancy, this piece is really beautiful.

  15. Ha ha-If I win you can give to someone else………..209

  16. let’s try number 1

  17. 67 ………….if I can have a second guess?
    It would look perfect on my chain! LOL!

  18. No one has it yet. Go ahead and guess away!

  19. 53

  20. 189

  21. 333

  22. 25

  23. 345

  24. Nope! Still no winner… A clue: one of you came really close.

  25. 330

  26. 326

  27. 68 >……… I need to go buy a new chain?

  28. lol! Let’s see, how else can I help you? It’s a number that both of my children have in common… That probably won’t help some of you. Back in the morning with a clue that should really help!

  29. 15

  30. 13

  31. Wow, I didn’t know about that up to the present. Thankz!!

  32. 7

  33. 13

  34. You got it Tara. Nice job!

  35. whooo hooooo!!!!!!!! yes, yes, yes!!! I NEVER win anything!!! I’d do a happy dance, but, can’t. Well, maybe I should!

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