Must Have Monday… Jan. 18, 2010

There, I’m back in the swing of things! Must Have Monday back on Monday like it should be. 😉 This week’s prize is a bright pair of earrings. It’s dreary, gray and cold here in Michigan so I wanted to offer something to brighten up your winter’s day. This set is a favorite of mine. I love the odd shape and the combination of colors. Purple, royal blue and lime green should match something in your wardrobe!

I’m trying to come up with some other contests… I’m getting bored with choosing numbers each week.  Aren’t you? So this week we’ll do a combo, two part contest. Are you with me? I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 100 but you have to throw in a contest idea when you post your number.No exceptions!

Other than that it’s the same as usual. One guess per person until tomorrow at 11am. If no one has it by that point you can make as many guesses as you wish. And remember, if you’ve won something in the last few months, please feel free to give me contest ideas but let someone who hasn’t won yet have the chance to win the earrings. 😉

Have fun, pass the word and as always, thanks for playing!!


23 responses to “Must Have Monday… Jan. 18, 2010

  1. 77 I love sevens…it was Tim’s favorite number and the number of organs he donated and saved 7 lives.

    OK…the contest idea…Trivia question: What is the name of the national event sponsored by NKF, being held in Madison, WI July 31-Aug 4, 2010 that features Olympic style games for organ recipients?
    Answer: US Transplant Games

  2. 52 is my guess, and name the bead/ or jewelery. Like I would call this “Wicked” Wonders.

  3. My guess is 44…
    Contest idea…hmmmmmm.
    Trivia question…or maybe a game like hangman…………..

  4. 23

    game, maybe a word or sentence jumble???

  5. I’ll guess 54

    How about a “Name that Tune” or
    “Name that Band” using rock-and-roll lyrics…

  6. I will guess 11.
    Instead of a contest, you could ask everyone to post a memory or funny story or recipe or something, and then use to pick the winner from among all those who posted.

  7. How about how many people have guessed on Must have Mondays or how many guesses. It would be interesting.

  8. I’ll guess 40 & my suggestion is you give us a quote minus one word. Then we have to either fill in the correct missing word or you can have us get creative & fill in another word. Then you can either choose a winner or use the random feature referred to above.

  9. now we’ll try 44

  10. No winner yet… though some good ideas on future contests! So go ahead and take as many guesses as you like. Hint… it has something to do with our trip to Phoenix… and getting from one place to another.

  11. hmmm….86, 32, 64, 95

    I’m thinking the number of one of your flights maybe?

    or something to do with your rental car?

  12. Good guesses but it doesn’t have to do with our flights.

  13. Hmmm – I pick 16, 39,67,82,99
    For as long as you run this, if you like any of those numbers, one per day ???
    I have never won any of your contests so, I’m hoping !

    For a contest….
    What if people actually participate by more than one way of interacting.
    Making some kind of jewelry, be it earrings, ring, bracelet, necklace, etc. YOU pick what you want to see that week.
    Then everyone can vote on which finished project they like and the winner gets your prize !

  14. alamo and 62

  15. 11,12,19

  16. okhow about 2

  17. So it might be 10 or 17

  18. 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55,56,57,58,59,60

  19. contest idea: number of minutes required to make that bead of the contest

  20. name the year or event… 40,39, 38,37,36,35,34,33,32,31,30

  21. 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12

  22. Sorry, had to run out for a rescheduled hair appointment this afternoon! Linda Sweeney! I need your address. The number was 10 this week. We’ll be spending a lot of time on I-10 driving between my dad & brother’s homes. 😉

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