Another Must Have Monday… errr, Tuesday!

Perhaps I need to come up with a new name for our contest! And perhaps that will be your task this week. 😉 This week’s prize is one of my favorite pendants; black and white with bumps all over…

So what shall we call this weekly contest? Must Have Monday works when I have time to get it ready on Monday but doesn’t make much sense on Tuesday. So throw out some suggestions and the one that I choose will win the pendant! 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon to see what my choices are… be creative. I know you can!


13 responses to “Another Must Have Monday… errr, Tuesday!

  1. Must Have “Won”day…

  2. The weekly “I Want To Win That” contest. (Hey…. it’s my favorite black and white too… I’ve gotta be able to try for it!)

  3. “The day of the week doesn’t matter as long as someone wins” contest

  4. OH! I’ve got it!…. “Gotta Bead in it to Win it” contest 🙂

  5. The “Whatever day it is, a contest is still a contest” contest 🙂

  6. IIIII gotta have it, cuz it goes with the earrings you made me. So, “Nancy Sells (this) Glass…unless I win this contest”

  7. Such fun choices! How am I going to choose? Be back in the morning with my decision. 😉

  8. The “No specific day of the week contest” contest.

  9. Nancy Sells Glass Give Aways

  10. “Another day, another contest”

  11. Simply… “Contest-day”

  12. LOVE all the choices! You’ve come up with some fun names. But I think I like the simplicity of Glass Guess… so Dalin, the pendant is yours! 😉

    Thanks everyone!

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