Glass Guess, Feb. 16… Formerly know as Must Have Monday

Time for this week’s contest. And the prize is the first of my Olympics inspired color combo’s. I am loving the blues and greens I see on signs at the Olympic venues. So you’re playing for a Splat in the color’s I’m loving!

And since I seem to get the most participation when I have you guess a number… this week I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 150. One guess per person until Thursday afternoon. You know the drill, if no one has guessed it by then, feel free to guess until you get it!  Have fun and see you Thursday…


40 responses to “Glass Guess, Feb. 16… Formerly know as Must Have Monday

  1. LOVE it Nancy! Great colors :0)

    my guess – 75

  2. Oh I am so in love with the colors of the Olympic’s to Nancy…beach colors 🙂 number between 1-150 huh? how about 78, the year I graduated high school

  3. Is this where we leave our guesses? It’s my first time trying to play. My apologies if I’m mixed up….

    My guess is: 21 for the 21st Winter Olympics

  4. Loving the colors!!! My guess is 123.

  5. 42 for no reason in particular.

  6. Tracey hallsworth

    Oh, I’ll guess 17 ’cause it’s my birthday number. Love the colors!

  7. Love the colors, reminds me of the Gulf!
    Since I am only 5 miles from there until the first of April, I am going to guess 5!

  8. Loving this color combo!
    my guess is 14

  9. Mom and I were just talking about when we might leave for the Cape. The house number there is 69! Aren’t we lucky? I guess 69.

  10. The colors are gorgeous!!! My guess is 5 – for the number of Olympic rings.

  11. Oops! 5 is taken. So how ’bout 82 for the number of nations competing?

  12. First time here – my guess would be 86.

  13. 1 yup, 1 winner for the gold.

  14. Judy Vander Zwaag

    I’m guessing 80.

  15. going with 67 for no darn good reason.

  16. How about 3 ? For the gold, silver and bronze. Love the colors in this one!!!

  17. My guess is 47. 🙂

  18. How about 18

  19. 113 is a spectacular number. Beautiful splat pendant, as always.

  20. my guess is 100

  21. How about 135 because those are the numbers that popped into my head. The colors as you have used them are spectacular, just like the athelets in the Olympics.

  22. 10 for the # of medals USA has won so far

  23. I won last week, but that splat rocks hard enough to show a little bad sportsmanship. I guess 8.

  24. Great guesses everyone! And welcome to those of you who are guessing for the first time. 😀

    You’re on the right track… it has something to do with the Winter Olympics, but no one has guessed it yet. A couple of you have been pretty darn close though!

    I’ll be back after Ladies Night at The BOB. See you then!

  25. Guessing 113

  26. I say 4 for the flames!

  27. my guess is 6
    (there are 5 different colored rings on a field of white)

  28. My second guess is 7.

  29. 5 mist, moss, cloud, winter ocean, coast forrest! ;P

  30. My second guess is 21. For the 21st Olympiad.

  31. Still not the right number. Try thinking more about the sports… 😉

  32. 15 different competing sports?

  33. 15

  34. I’ll go with 20, counting the paralympic games.

  35. 15 was taken by Kelli first. Good luck to everyone.

  36. Let’s try 14

  37. Being the dummy I am, I see that 14 is already taken, therefore, already wrong! Now let’s try 2 for the biathalon

  38. Good guess Kelli! We have a winner!! And thanks to all the rest of you that played along this week. Be sure to stop back next week for another chance to win! 😉

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