Glass Guess Week of May 10

Time to get back to Glass Guess! Sorry it’s been so sporadic lately. I’m hoping to get back into a routine now that most of the craziness is almost over for the time being… we’ll see!

I haven’t given away a hollow pendant in awhile so that’s what you’re playing for this week. It’s orange and avocado green with a black and white twistie  wound around it.

It’s going to be a quick game this week because I leave for the Cabin Retreat I host for beadmakers tomorrow afternoon. So get your guesses in quickly! I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. One guess per person until tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. If no one has it at that point you’re free to take as many guesses as you want until the number is chosen. (I’ll give you some hints at that point to help you out)

Have fun and thanks for playing!


27 responses to “Glass Guess Week of May 10

  1. 12 for noon time!

  2. Linda Sweeney

    I’ll guess 80

  3. Kelli McCready

    My guess is 13.

  4. My guess is 112

  5. Kelly Hoffman


  6. 1….

  7. Good guesses but no one has it yet! A hint: it has something to do with this weekend and the event I host…

  8. I’m guessing 22.

  9. I’m guessing 12

  10. Laurie Stover

    I’m going with 187.

  11. I’m guessing 8

  12. Linda Sweeney

    I’m thinking 8…

  13. I think linda’s right. 8 for 8th annual.

  14. and get your @$$ to work. You have a lot to do!

  15. Kelly Hoffman

    I’m going with 15 – Sat’s date & my oldest’s 13th bday!

  16. Laurie Stover

    How about 23?

  17. 50?????

  18. How about 60 as that is how old I will be in June 😦

  19. Linda Sweeney

    Let’s try 111

  20. Linda Sweeney

    Next we’ll try 23

  21. Barbara Jean Yankee

    I will guess 77

  22. Kelly Hoffman

    How ’bout 17?

  23. Barbara Jean Yankee

    Could it be 101?

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