A New Glass Guess! June 8

Time for a new Glass Guess! I’m having so much fun playing with recycled cans… sometimes called upcycling. I host a retreat for beadmakers every May and this year my good friend Lisa showed us how she’s been incorporating cans into her jewelry and my heads been spinning ever since!

I wanted to add my beads into the mix so I sat down and made a batch of mini beads to use in my earrings. And I finally had time to sit down and construct some today!

So here they are… my Recycled Pop Art Earrings! I’m anxious to hear your feedback. I just love them! They’re light, funky and “green”. How cool is that??

So let’s play Glass Guess and pick one of these sets as your prize! I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. One guess per person until Thursday June 10 at 5pm EST. If no one has it at that point you can take as many guesses as you like until we have a winner. Good luck and have fun!


37 responses to “A New Glass Guess! June 8

  1. 66….days to Buffett!

  2. how about lucky number 31, thats how many years Dan and I will have been married this July

  3. Kelli McCready

    I’ll go for 55.

  4. Kelly Hoffman

    Hmm…69 for the year I was born!

  5. I will guess 17, the # of years I have been married.
    I am curious, do you reinforce the cans?

  6. No I don’t Lori. They’re quite sturdy, especially after I dome them…

  7. 48 jusr for the heck of it!

  8. My guess is the “short date” for Thursday – 6+10+10… 26. The first day of summer vacation for you and the (hopefully) hearing that will change the course of my life.

  9. Ok, I’ll guess 21 – my favorite number!

  10. My guess is 155…what I wish I weighed…lol

  11. I want #113 and my choice of prize would be the green and blue flower earrings! Great stuff!

  12. i’m a thinkin 19 (the day my boys leave for 2wks)

  13. I guessing 24. Love those earrings.

  14. I’ll go with a serendipitous 83.

  15. I will pick number 2

  16. scott woodard tuttle

    My brilliant guess is 4.

  17. Whew! I could get back on! No one has it as of yet. So guess away… A clue, it has something to do with my summer vacation. 😉

  18. 10. Not waking up before! Sleeping IN!

  19. Linda sweeney

    Let’s try 101

  20. 14

  21. 6 or 15

  22. Most of you are on the low side… Clue #2: I’m looking forward to my long summer.

  23. 8+14+10 = 32


  24. Scott Woodard Tuttle

    My guess is 4

  25. Linda Sweeney

    my next guess is 175

  26. Sorry… Bead & Button got in the way! I was having too much fun and forgot to check in. Still no winner… clue #3: Any idea how many days of vacation I get??? 😉

  27. My new guess is 88

  28. It also could be 85

  29. hmmm, 89 as of today there are 89 days until the kids are back in school.

  30. Kelly Hoffman

    I’m going with 41. The earrings are beautiful by the way!

  31. You got it Marie. We started out with 91 days of summer. Thanks for playing everyone! We’ll do this again tomorrow, okay?

  32. nancy my name is kim. i bought ur book cause i want to make my own jewelry to see how i do at it. i want to know how do i purchase the beads that i see in ur book?

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