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I’m coming back!

Time to get back at the retail side of my business! Next week I plan to start listing pieces again. I have so much stock… it’s time to get some of it out of here!

I’m also going to bring back Glass Guess… so stay tuned! See you the week of 10/17!!


Do you DaWanda?

I’ve just discovered a new venue for selling my pieces. It’s a German based website that is very similar to Etsy. Since I want to reach out to a larger base, I thought I’d give DaWanda a try. It’s been interesting learning a little bit about the Euro as I have to list my prices that way! Here’s a link to a US to Euro converter you’d like to check out some of the pieces up for sale…

Let me know if you’ve tried DaWanda or know of someone who has. It’s fairly new to those of us in the US and I’d like to start spreading the news!

My first open house..

…was a great success! After putting in more hours preparing than I care to count, I was nervous about how my first jewelry open house would go. I shouldn’t have worried! My good friend Sue did a great job of inviting her friends and I barely had to do a thing after I set up the displays.

Nancy Sells Puffer Jewelry Open House

I think I’m going to have to see if anyone else would be willing to host a get together. It was nice to be able to set everything out and watch people react to my work. And they appreciated being able to purchase original pieces they could take home that night. A win ~ win situation for all of us!

You can visit my website at:


What a life!

I love what I do! How many people can say that?! I’ve always been pretty happy with my life but right now… this day… I truly feel like I’ve found the career I was meant to have ~ how cool is that?!

Yesterday was a great example of what I’m talking about… The owner of Art Beat, a gallery that carries my jewelry, asked me to demo bead making for the day. I woke up to a blue sky, warm, non humid day – perfect! We set up her tent in front of the store and there I sat, making beads, showing people what I do, enjoying a perfect summer afternoon. It doesn’t get much better…

 My life has always been full and good, but finding what I love to do and being able to share it with others has fulfilled a dream. If you had asked me ten years ago what I would being doing today, being an artist would never have come to mind. But here I am!! I can’t wait to see what comes next!