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Finally… A New Glass Guess for April 26

Time to get back at it! Sorry I’ve missed the last few weeks. The prize this week is your choice of a pair of my new button post earrings. You may choose one of the sets shown in this picture or request your own color combo. I’m excited about these as I’ve had a lot of people ask for something smaller. These fit the bill!

I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. Remember the rules? One guess per person until this Thursday evening at 7 pm EST. If no one has it at that point, feel free to guess away until you win! Have fun and see you Thursday night!


Must Have Monday… errr.. Tuesday! Again…

Shame onย  me! I missed last week’s contest and this week’s I’m a day late! I’m blaming it on the cold winter weather and my urge to hunker down, hibernate and dream about Spring.

This year I’m going to try some different contests to see if we can get more participation. One of my goals this year is to hit the 500 fan mark on Facebook.ย  SO this week’s contest is going to include some extra work on your part. Hopefully the prize will make it worthwhile!

Because I’m dreaming of spring, I chose a spring like Splat for this week’s prize. And itย  includes the hand dyed silk cord as well. We’re headed to the Florida Keys for Spring Break and these colors remind me of the varied colors of the ocean…

Sooooooo… this week anyone that gets a friend to join in our contest will have their name put into a bowl and I will draw the winning name on Friday morning. The more friends that join in the more times I put your name in the bowl! If your friend becomes a new fan on my Facebook page, I’ll put BOTH of your names in the bowl.

Any questions? Does it make sense? I won’t do this all the time. But I would love to see more people join in on our Must Have Monday’s… so spread the word this week! Please? Thanks!!

Must Have Monday… Jan. 18, 2010

There, I’m back in the swing of things! Must Have Monday back on Monday like it should be. ๐Ÿ˜‰ This week’s prize is a bright pair of earrings. It’s dreary, gray and cold here in Michigan so I wanted to offer something to brighten up your winter’s day. This set is a favorite of mine. I love the odd shape and the combination of colors. Purple, royal blue and lime green should match something in your wardrobe!

I’m trying to come up with some other contests… I’m getting bored with choosing numbers each week.ย  Aren’t you? So this week we’ll do a combo, two part contest. Are you with me? I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 100 but you have to throw in a contest idea when you post your number.No exceptions!

Other than that it’s the same as usual. One guess per person until tomorrow at 11am. If no one has it by that point you can make as many guesses as you wish. And remember, if you’ve won something in the last few months, please feel free to give me contest ideas but let someone who hasn’t won yet have the chance to win the earrings. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have fun, pass the word and as always, thanks for playing!!

Dec. 14 Must Have Monday

Time to get this week’s contest started. But you’ll have to wait for the prize picture until I get home later today. I have the awesome privilege of being present at the birth of Ryan and Tara Lafferty’s baby and I forgot to get this set up before I left for the hospital!

So… you’re playing for a Christmas Light pendant this week. And I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 350. One guess per person until 11 am EST tomorrow morning.ย  I’ll post a picture of the pendant once I meet Baby Lafferty! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Getting ready for Bead & Button

Red Tentacles

It’s that time of year again… preparing new jewelry to wear to Bead & Button and the ISGB Gathering. No, I don’t *have* to make new pieces but I love the challenge!

This year I needed to make something that I could also wear to my cousin’s wedding in June. I found a great dress in red and black that is simple enough that I could go a little crazy on the necklace.

My buddy Paula made an amazing necklace last fall that would be perfect for my dress. After letting her know I was going to steal the concept, I sat down at the torch and began making the freeform tentacle style beads.

Red Tentacles Close Up

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Now for the really fun part… seeing the reaction it gets!

Isla Mujeres Beading Collective

Only one week till our family (minus Jordan) heads to Isla Mujeres, Mexico for Brenna’s winter break! I can’t wait for a week of sun, beach, snorkeling and exploring.


While doing research for our trip I discovered a very cool program on Isla that peaked my curiosity. It seems there’s a group of Mayan women that gather together to create beaded jewelry and accessories on the island. They make a living for their families selling their wares in a small storefront in town.

Donations are always appreciated, so I’m planning on bringing down some of my beads and seed beads. I’m hoping to meet some of the women and will tell you about my visit when I return. In the meantime, check out this link to get more information click here and then on the Isla Beading Collective:ย  www.islawomensretreat.com

Chic & Easy Beading Vol.3

Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3

I had a wonderful surprise waiting in my mailbox last week. Seems the black/white/silver Mobius Wave necklace that was in B&B a few years ago has been published again. This time it’s in Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3! And the really fun part is that it’s the first project in the book… AND it’s mentioned in the books introduction!!

I’m really tickled, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve come so far since that necklace. And for those of you that know me… it’s much more subdued than most of my work. So I think it’s time to summon up my courage and submit some new pieces. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have something new published! Keeping my fingers crossed… ๐Ÿ˜‰