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A New Glass Guess! June 8

Time for a new Glass Guess! I’m having so much fun playing with recycled cans… sometimes called upcycling. I host a retreat for beadmakers every May and this year my good friend Lisa showed us how she’s been incorporating cans into her jewelry and my heads been spinning ever since!

I wanted to add my beads into the mix so I sat down and made a batch of mini beads to use in my earrings. And I finally had time to sit down and construct some today!

So here they are… my Recycled Pop Art Earrings! I’m anxious to hear your feedback. I just love them! They’re light, funky and “green”. How cool is that??

So let’s play Glass Guess and pick one of these sets as your prize! I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. One guess per person until Thursday June 10 at 5pm EST. If no one has it at that point you can take as many guesses as you like until we have a winner. Good luck and have fun!


Finally… A New Glass Guess for April 26

Time to get back at it! Sorry I’ve missed the last few weeks. The prize this week is your choice of a pair of my new button post earrings. You may choose one of the sets shown in this picture or request your own color combo. I’m excited about these as I’ve had a lot of people ask for something smaller. These fit the bill!

I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. Remember the rules? One guess per person until this Thursday evening at 7 pm EST. If no one has it at that point, feel free to guess away until you win! Have fun and see you Thursday night!

Week of March 8 Glass Guess

I’m back from Kentucky and ready for another contest… how about you? This week’s prize is a pair of my new earring style. I am so excited about these because they’re so versatile. Once you have your first pair you can purchase extra bead sets to switch the look around. You can wear both beads or one…  And they are incredibly comfy!  This set has black and white discs with little etched turquoise and lime dotted beads as accents. Very fun! Can you tell I’m excited? I hope you will be too!

I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. Remember, only one guess per person until this Friday at noon. If no one has it then, I’ll start giving clues and you can make as many guesses as you wish until someone gets it.

Have fun and thanks for playing!

Another Must Have Monday… errr, Tuesday!

Perhaps I need to come up with a new name for our contest! And perhaps that will be your task this week. 😉 This week’s prize is one of my favorite pendants; black and white with bumps all over…

So what shall we call this weekly contest? Must Have Monday works when I have time to get it ready on Monday but doesn’t make much sense on Tuesday. So throw out some suggestions and the one that I choose will win the pendant! 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon to see what my choices are… be creative. I know you can!

Must Have Monday… errr.. Tuesday! Again…

Shame on  me! I missed last week’s contest and this week’s I’m a day late! I’m blaming it on the cold winter weather and my urge to hunker down, hibernate and dream about Spring.

This year I’m going to try some different contests to see if we can get more participation. One of my goals this year is to hit the 500 fan mark on Facebook.  SO this week’s contest is going to include some extra work on your part. Hopefully the prize will make it worthwhile!

Because I’m dreaming of spring, I chose a spring like Splat for this week’s prize. And it  includes the hand dyed silk cord as well. We’re headed to the Florida Keys for Spring Break and these colors remind me of the varied colors of the ocean…

Sooooooo… this week anyone that gets a friend to join in our contest will have their name put into a bowl and I will draw the winning name on Friday morning. The more friends that join in the more times I put your name in the bowl! If your friend becomes a new fan on my Facebook page, I’ll put BOTH of your names in the bowl.

Any questions? Does it make sense? I won’t do this all the time. But I would love to see more people join in on our Must Have Monday’s… so spread the word this week! Please? Thanks!!

Must Have Monday…errr… Tuesday 1/12/10

Sorry I’m late this week. I’ve been distracted by plans to go to Phoenix next week and the Florida Keys in April. But better late than never, right?

This week’s prize is a key chain in a new style for me. It’s one I’ve borrowed from my buddy Paula and yes, I have permission! 😉 It’s in navy blues and silvered ivory and will also clip on backpacks and purses if you’d rather use it as a charm.

Gosh! What number should I choose this week? I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 100. And it has something to do with one of the trips I’ve been planning…

You can choose one number per person and if no one has figured it out by tomorrow at 11am, you can throw me numbers until someone wins!

Good luck and have fun! Thanks for playing…

First Must Have Monday of 2010!

Happy New Year! It’s hard to believe we’re at the beginning of a new decade. I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. It sure was nice to have my family home for a few weeks. But now it’s time to start up 2010’s Must Have Monday. Sorry I got a late start, my computer is acting up and I couldn’t get my pictures to load…

You know the drill! Please post your guesses here on my blog. I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200. One guess per person until tomorrow at 11am EST. If no one has chosen it by then you may guess away until we have a winner! This week’s prize is a fun hollow pendant in orange, brown and sky blue.

Thanks for playing along. I’m looking forward to a great 2010! Hope yours is wonderful too!