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A New Style…

Nancy Sells Glass Hollow Nuggets

I’m feeling a new style coming on! One of the necklaces I made to wear at the ISGB Gathering got a lot of positive reaction this year. I like to make beads with Check Glass from my buddies John Hurlbert and Jan Burrows to show people just how cool their colors are. So I thought it would be fun to make beads with no surface decorations to showcase the fun, bright colors. But I wanted to do something different to make them more interesting. Hence my nugget style hollows! It’s fun to push the glass around and see how many facets I can get on one bead. I think I’ll be making more of these soon… 😉


Back from the ISGB Gathering! Part 1

ISGB All Member Show, Under the Sea

Whew! I’m back from another fun filled, information packed Gathering. This was my first time attending as a member of the board so it was a little different than past years. I flew in a couple days early to attend meetings so I was actually gone for an entire week but time still flew by!

Under the Sea

One of my duties this year was the All Member Show, Under the Sea. For the first time we donated the final piece as a way to leave a part of the ISGB behind in the city that hosted us. We chose the Miami Childrens Hospital as our first recipient. I had two helpers that were invaluable in putting it together, Annemarie Herrlich and Sam Hibler. I am so proud of how it turned out. All the work we put into it was worthwhile. I can’t wait to hear how the kids like it! (That’s my little Puffer fish next to the arrow)

More Gathering stories coming soon!

Too Little Time…


Only a couple days till I leave for the ISGB Gathering in Miami. And I’m beginning to prioritize. I just might not have all new jewelry to wear this year!! 😮 But the pieces I’ve finished are pretty fun so I’m just going to have to live with it this time.

As I was saying in my last Watch Me Create post, I have a hard time fitting everything in during the summer. Living only 1/2 hour from Lake Michigan and owning a sailboat create diversions that are hard to ignore!

When I get home I need to start focusing on preparing for the St. James Court Art Show in Louisville and our own West Michigan Bead Expo. I’ll be back with sneak peeks at what I’m up to then…

Getting ready for Bead & Button

Red Tentacles

It’s that time of year again… preparing new jewelry to wear to Bead & Button and the ISGB Gathering. No, I don’t *have* to make new pieces but I love the challenge!

This year I needed to make something that I could also wear to my cousin’s wedding in June. I found a great dress in red and black that is simple enough that I could go a little crazy on the necklace.

My buddy Paula made an amazing necklace last fall that would be perfect for my dress. After letting her know I was going to steal the concept, I sat down at the torch and began making the freeform tentacle style beads.

Red Tentacles Close Up

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Now for the really fun part… seeing the reaction it gets!