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Glass Guess for Week of March 22

One more orange and white prize and then I’ll move on! This week we’re playing for one of the orange and white pendants I made last week. It’s screaming Spring and Summer to me.

I’m thinking of a number between 1 ~ 200 again. Sure wish I could come up with some other games you all would play but until I do, here we go! One guess per person until Friday afternoon. If no one has guessed it at that point than feel free to guess away.

Thanks for stopping by and playing. Be sure to pass the word about our little game! See you Friday…



Sweater Dsks

A quickie from me today! Here’s my latest Dsk! Dsk! Dsk! necklace. This one was inspired by the sweater I got for Mother’s Day. I love when inspiration just up and slaps you in the head! 😉

Chic & Easy Beading Vol.3

Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3

I had a wonderful surprise waiting in my mailbox last week. Seems the black/white/silver Mobius Wave necklace that was in B&B a few years ago has been published again. This time it’s in Chic & Easy Beading Vol. 3! And the really fun part is that it’s the first project in the book… AND it’s mentioned in the books introduction!!

I’m really tickled, don’t get me wrong, but I’ve come so far since that necklace. And for those of you that know me… it’s much more subdued than most of my work. So I think it’s time to summon up my courage and submit some new pieces. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have something new published! Keeping my fingers crossed… 😉

Seashell pendants…

I’m going to start adding pieces to Etsy and my website this week and the first thing I’m putting up is one of my seashell pendants. I’m always looking for new things to add to my jewelry and lately I’ve been incorporating the shells and stones I’ve found on vacations… I like to think I’ve created something a little unique! But we’ll see…

Next up will be a Stone Dot ring using a Lake Superior stone I picked up along the beach at my cousin’s home in the UP…

I love what I do again!

Just a quick note after way too long. I’m creating again and loving what I’m doing. I’m actually working on my first intentional series of jewelry called Dsk! Dsk! Dsk! I’ve written an entry for Watch Me Create that explains it in more detail.

Nancy Sells Glass Dsk! Dsk! Dsk!

It’s good to be back…. more later!