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A New Style…

Nancy Sells Glass Hollow Nuggets

I’m feeling a new style coming on! One of the necklaces I made to wear at the ISGB Gathering got a lot of positive reaction this year. I like to make beads with Check Glass from my buddies John Hurlbert and Jan Burrows to show people just how cool their colors are. So I thought it would be fun to make beads with no surface decorations to showcase the fun, bright colors. But I wanted to do something different to make them more interesting. Hence my nugget style hollows! It’s fun to push the glass around and see how many facets I can get on one bead. I think I’ll be making more of these soon… 😉



Sweater Dsks

A quickie from me today! Here’s my latest Dsk! Dsk! Dsk! necklace. This one was inspired by the sweater I got for Mother’s Day. I love when inspiration just up and slaps you in the head! 😉


Abstract Autumn Gummies

My newest obsession is making these abstract beads. There are so many possibilities. This was the first group I made and yes, they look a bit like gummy bears! I love the look. The only problem I’ve had is when I make the protrusions too thin and twisted. So they’re still a work in progress. I’ll post more once I get done with my taxes and can get back on the torch!